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Exposition of Eucharist at Our Lady of Guadalupe Chapel

Volunteers Needed!!    

We are in need of 12 volunteers  that will assist with the Exposition

every Wednesday 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm

So that we can better give honor to the Eucharist, we are requesting 2 volunteers per hour and  a

coordinator to assist with organizing and scheduling the weekly Exposition.


For more details, contact:  Fr. Orrin   orrinhalepeska@gmail.com



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Dear People of God,


Over the next year we plan to enhance our stewardship committee, so that we can better serve God and His holy people.  Stewardship is the unification of time, talent, and treasure into the fabric of our lives.  Stewardship is not a one-time deal, but must become a way of life for all Catholic's across the country.


Galveston folks have many gifts, passions, and ideas that can make our parish in Galveston a dynamic Catholic Experience.  A parish cannot become dynamic with just the priest following the call of stewardship.  All of God's holy people must rise up and answer God's call to serve Him and His Church. 


With this in mind:


1. How much time have you spent helping serve God's people in our parish?

2. When could you share your talents to better serve God's people in our parish?

3. Have you supported remodeling, ministries, and general everyday expenses with donations to our parish?


You are the Church.  You are the life and the answer to God's call as you sacrifice your time, talent, and treasure.  To promote and to gather the many good disciples of the flock we need a stewardship committee to help us gather ideas, teach, promote, and support this mission.  If you would like to help in this worthy mission, please contact me and join the great mission that God has set before us.


Thanks and God bless,

Fr. Orrin Halepeska 






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