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 Ladies & Gents,

On April 21st, your parish hired an architect. Actually we hired a firm to develop for us (with our heavy involvement) a Master Plan. A master plan is a living document that sets plans for growth, development and organizing the many things we “got going on”.
This sets us, Holy Family Parish, on a course of getting organized. Many people have told me, “Father, we need a plan!” His Eminence Daniel Cardinal DiNardo told me he was glad we were doing this for our parish. Therefore, with the support of our Archbishop and our Pastor we have moved forward and started this process. The next step: we need your prayers and support as this plan develops.
It will develop with much conversation with the Pastor, the priests, the deacons, the staff, the heads of parish organizations, and yes, with John and Jane Parishioner! We want everyone’s input into this plan. We want everyone’s buy-in! We want to march into the future with a plan; an organized plan!
These are good times for Holy Family Parish. It’s like a kitchen remodel...it will be annoying for a while but boy, oh boy, it’ll be good when it’s all finished! An expanded kitchen outfitted well can welcome more people and new people to the table! That translates to new people to fill the pews, to volunteer, to support and to bring new fresh life to HFP!
Peace & Good,
fr. Richard
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Bolivar / Crystal Beach Mass Time Change!  Our Lady by the Sea Church has permanently moved from 8 am Sundays to 6 pm Saturdays starting March 5th

Children's Mass - St. Patrick Church, 1st & 3rd Sunday of every month at 10am.  Needed!  Children Lectors & Gift Bearers ( must have received your first communion to participate) and an Adult Coordinator.  For more details contact: Fr. Orrin Halepeska orrinhalepeska@gmail.com

VBS Volunteers Needed!!  Virtus training is required.  If interested, contact:  Armando Chavarria  achavarria@holyfamilygb.org

Year of Mercy - During the month of April parishioners are requested to fulfill the Corporal Works of Mercy by Feeding the Hungry and Giving Drink to the Thirsty.  This action will be accomplished by donating food items that will be given to the Catholic Charities Food Pantry.  ---  Items of Need:  Canned Fruit, Canned Meat or Seafood, Bags of white or brown Rice, Canned or Dry Beans, Canned Soup, and Baby Food!!  Collection boxes will be available during the entire month of April at all of our parish church locations.


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