Tuesday, October 25, 2016
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                                                                7:30 am     Sacred Heart Church

                                                                7:30 am     St. Patrick Church (Español)

                                                                9:00 am     Holy Rosary Church

                                                                9:30am     St. Patrick Church (Young People's Mass)

                                                              11:00 am     Sacred Heart Church

                                                              12:10 pm     St. Mary's Cathedral Basilica 




Baptism Classes

English Baptism Classes:  August 25th & September 22nd

6:00 - 8:00 pm

Parish Life Center Cafeteria




Sagrada Familia parroquia tendrán clases de bautismo en 6-8 pm

en la cafeteria en la escuela de St. Patrick en septiembre 10, octubre 15, noviembre 12

Para registrarse, por favor llame a Norma 409.457.9861


 For questions or concerns, please contact: Fr. Orrin Halepeska    orrinhalepeska@gmail.com



Children's Faith Formation Classes

 All forms are also available in the Parish Office



Every Sunday from September 11th to October 23rd

Kindergarten - 8th grade 5:00 - 6:15 pm

9th - 12th grade  5:00 - 6:45 pm

Parish Life Center Auditorium

Click here to complete and print Registration Form




septiembre 10th, octubre 15th, noviembre 12th

6:00 - 8:00 pm en la cafeteria de el central parroquia vida

formas estarán en la parte posterior de la iglesia 



Please excuse the delay in updates.  Our website is under construction.  

A new and impoved website will be on-line soon.




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Ladies & Gents,


We Catholics know things in threes.  For example, Father, Son, Spirit.  Another familiar one is, Time, Talent, Treasure.  Without the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit our faith falls apart.  And without your time, your talent and your treasure our parish falls apart. 

Our historical churches take lots of time to repair and maintain.  Our ministries of care, outreach, and all the various liturgical functions of our six churches require your talent.  And the fact remains that without your treasure we ain’t got a snowball’s chance on the seawall in July of staying open or solvent.

Rest assured, we are financially solvent at the moment.  This isn’t a darkened hour plea for disaster relief.  It is however a sobering reminder that without the time, talent and treasure of our parishioners Holy Family Parish falls flat. 

Ask yourselves, or your fellow islanders who own businesses, how difficult it would be to financially support an entity with 18 properties spread from Crystal Beach, across the island to Jamaica Beach! Then consider the talent pool required to keep such a group functioning at a high level!  Then, wipe the sweat from your forehead as you consider the hours it would take to run such “business”! 

See for yourselves the pictures of volunteers in this edition of the bulletin.  Look around at the people who help at mass.  Think of the folks in the office who work tirelessly to help meet your needs and accomplish the daily tasks of a parish our geographical/corporate size.  Now, consider how you too can contribute your time, your talent or maybe a little more of your treasure…

Peace and Good,

fr. richard





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